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Hello!  My name is Ryann Wroblewski and I’m the owner and designer at Perspectives Kitchen & Bath LLC.  I feel that being a great designer means making a true connection with my clients, so let me share a bit about myself.

I grew up in a small town in north west Indiana, a very small town.  My family lived on a small farm outside of town.  We took family camping trips, created memories with friends and family alike, and enjoyed small town living.  The county fair was a big deal in our area, and I even joined 4H and had 2 pigs to show in 4th grade.  Girl scout meetings and sleepovers with friends filled my time.  Mom and dad worked hard to provide what we needed and I learned the value of work, time, and family early on.  It was a wonderful way to grow up.

I still have a wonderful life.  Family remains at the top of my priority list.  We spend weekends together on the water, making great memories.  Family gatherings usually consist of comfort foods and rousing games of Pictionary and dominos.   I am still in contact with my best friends from childhood and college, and we get together regularly to support one another and share our lives.  I’m most comfortable shopping for home décor at Target, wearing my yoga pants and singing classic rock in my car.  In the summer, you’ll usually find me on the lawn at Deer Creek Music Center (ok, fine… Ruoff Music Center) enjoying concerts with my friends, especially the Dave Matthews Band.

What does this all mean and why is it important you know these things?  Creating an atmosphere of comfort and open minds is imperative for making a true connection with my clients.  Kitchens and baths are very personal spaces and the design should be personal too.  Many designers feel that the most important projects are those that could fill their Instagram feeds with beautiful spaces, and while we all love a perfectly staged design, the reality is that most of my clients need to actually live in and use their spaces.  The functionality of the space is just as important as the aesthetic composition, in my opinion.  I approach the design process with a different perspective.

So how did I get to this place in the design world and why is this my chosen career path?  I’ll share that with you in the next installment of Meet your Designer!


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