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The Path to Perspectives

History?  No… just the beginning of my love for kitchen and bath design!  The design assistant position at Reese Kitchens allowed me the opportunity to learn all about cabinetry, countertops, and decorative hardware, as well as learning how to utilize the computer aided design program that most kitchen designers use today.  I listened in on all of the initial meetings and the final presentations of Beth and Melissa with their clients, taking in all I could to gain the expertise I wanted.  I knew I had found my place.

Unfortunately, not long into my new career, my daughter was born extremely prematurely.  After 4 long months in the NICU, she was finally able to come home with us, however it was going to be a long hard uphill road to climb.  Then the showroom I worked at closed down and I took another design job at Walker Cabinetry, but that showroom was closing and merging with Superior Kitchen & Bath, so I ended up there.  We can all remember the recession of 2008 that effected the housing market so poorly… well it effected the remodeling market too.  I was given the opportunity to spend more time, much needed time, with my daughter when this happened.  Years of doctors appointments, therapy services, and hospital visits were our life with her.  I was so grateful for that recession at the time, to be honest.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.

A few years later, when my daughter went to first grade and things settled down with her medical needs, I was able to return to the kitchen & bath industry.  Concepts the Cabinet Shop was a wonderful place for me to pick back up.  The main designer, Lorraine, taught me so much about custom cabinetry and new construction.  We were always so busy and I worked with a wide variety of clients.  I loved what I was creating and really felt my career building.

As it does, life throws all sorts of adventures at us!  I found myself purchasing a home about an hour away, realizing I didn’t want to commute, however.  I was hired on at Limpus Cabinet and was able to learn an entirely different side of the business.  At Limpus, we had in house installers and I was able to experience how challenging that part can be and how imperative it is for designers to consider even more details than I had originally known.  I worked very hard to reach self set goals as a designer and sales person, but I really felt that something was missing.  Perhaps it was work life balance, perhaps it was ownership, perhaps it was the opportunity to offer additional services to clients.

Then we all know about the middle of March, 2020.  The world-wide pandemic.  Schools and businesses shut their doors.  Here’s where that work life balance came into play.  My daughter, who was just turning 13, was having to navigate e-learning from home.  I knew I couldn’t return to the showroom and leave her alone all day.  Just like the recession of 2008, the pandemic of 2020 allowed me the opportunity to create a shift in career.  I took this opportunity and developed Perspectives Kitchen & Bath LLC, allowing me to have a more flexible schedule from my home office.

Now, I am able to be home for my daughter to attend virtual school, offering a healthy environment in the middle of this crazy year.  Because I had developed my career at various companies, I learned exactly how I wanted to interact with clients, what worked for me and what didn’t.  What does this mean for my clients?  More attention, dedication, flexibility, expertise, and hand-picked products from years of experience.  Owning my own business allows me to use my creativity to provide excellent service to clients while offering the work life balance my family needs.  Perspectives Kitchen & Bath LLC is the result of nearly 20 years of dreaming and developing, and I couldn’t be more proud to offer my clients the best part of it all.

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